Shell-N-Tube is a leading cryogenic equipment manufacturer in India. We take pride in designing, developing and supplying high quality cryogenic equipment for various industries like steel plants, space research, atomic research, super conductivity, pharmaceuticals, beverage bottling and ice cream making. Right from process conceptualization and product development to prompt and extensive after sales service, Shell-N-Tube is a one-stop solution provider to the cryogenic industry.


  • Started in 1987 by Shankar Ghosh, B.E. and Munjal Mehta, MBA, at Kolkata, India, as a Cryogenic Consultants, with a vision to eventually interface Producers and Users of Cryogenic gases by providing total solutions.
  • Shell-N-Tube gradually moved ahead with undertaking site fabrication and installation jobs of cryogenic equipment and established state-of-the-art cryogenic equipment manufacturing & servicing facility at Wai near Pune, India, in 1994.
  • In 1994 MVE inc., USA (now part of CHART ind., USA) chose shell-n-tube as their service provider in India for its complete industrial product range.
  • In 2010, appointed by Data Online as their exclusive service provider in India for the telemetry range of products.

Meet our team

Shankar Ghosh
Shankar Ghosh Founder Director

Shankar Ghosh

Founder Director

Shankar Ghosh

Shankar Ghosh is a chemical engineer from Regional Engineering College Durgapur. He is a life fellow of Indian Cryogenic Council and also Member of International Institute of Refrigeration. He has more than 27 years of work experience in various field of cryogenic engineering and application of industrial gases along with special exposure tothe field of high vacuum technology and multilayer insulation as applicable to large cryogenic tanks .He is also deeply involved in developing cryogenic equipment and systems for Indian Space research and Fast breeder reactorprogram. Was directly responsible for pioneering use of multi layer insulated pipe line and tanks, and large capacity ambient heated vaporizers in India in mid 90s. This was followed by introduction of wide neck Dewar’s ,all aluminum vaporizers, specialized cryogenic heat exchanger for sub cooling helium in liquid nitrogen ,liquid oxygen in liquid nitrogen ,argon in liquid nitrogen ,helium in liquid hydrogen etc for the Indian space research.

Presently as Founder Director of Shell-N-Tube Shankar Ghosh is responsible for design and development of new application technologies to meet the industrial gas as well as national level requirement of cryogenic systems .

Munjal Mehta
Munjal Mehta Founder Director

Munjal Mehta

Founder Director

Munjal Mehta

Munjal Mehta, completed his Management studies with gold medal from Indian Institute of Planning & Management, in 1982. He started his carrer with Earstwhile Asiatic Oxygen limited and was involved in oxygen plant marketing & project implimentation. in 1987, he along with Mr. Shankar Ghosh co-founded Shell-n-Tube pvt ltd., with total capital of rs.5000/- each only. they pioneered manufacturing of large capacity ambient vaporisers & repair of Super Insulated tanks in India. in 1996 Aluminum Vaporiser & vacuum jacketed –super insulated pipelines were added to shell-n-tube’s product range. today ‘ snt’ has become one stop solution provider to cryogenic industry through manufacturing & marketing cryogenic equipment which help interface producers & users of industrial gases.

Shell-N-Tube has been involved in developing a number of customized cryogenic systems for Indian Ipace Iesearch Irganisation. notable amongst which is liquid oxygen cum gaseous helium heat exchanger in liquid nitrogen bath, which in face of US sanctions was designed, & manufactured indegenously at shell-n-tube’s facilities, supplied to isro and opearting sucessfully meeting stringent specifications of space agency.

Munjal Mehta is presently involved with customising packaged gas handling & delivery solutions in Indian context & promoting innovative liquid distribution system for indian health care & agriculture industry especially hospital, pharma and animal husbandary department- focussing on reduction of evaporation losses during transmission, distribution & delivery chain which he considers is a national waste.

Our Clients


Shell-N-Tube offers a complete range of cryogenic equipment and services including tanks, Vacuum Pipelines, Vaporizers and customized cryogenic systems by:

  • Identifying Customer needs & expectations to provide timely solutions and satisfy the demand
  • Establishing and communicating Quality Objectives throughout the organization
  • Innovative developments in operational performance and products.
  • Continual improvement in Quality Managements Systems and processes.
  • Increasing value addition to the shareholders and stakeholders of the company.
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