CHART Industries

Dura-Cyl® medium and high pressure liquid cylinders provide the longest holding time, lowest evaporation rate, highest gas-withdrawal rate and best life-cycle cost.

Dura-Cyl® cylinders are brought to you by:

Product Highlights:
  • Ideal for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2 or nitrous oxide
  • Different sizes and pressures to better meet your needs
  • Stainless Steel vessel
  • Thicker, dent-resistent outer shell
  • Durable, inner-vessel support system
  • Heavy-duty footring and large diameter handing ring with four supports
  • Combination Pressure Control Regulator
  • Roto-Cal Liquid Level Gauge System

The Roto-Cal™ gauge features an easy-to-read dial liquid level indicator with swivel head design

LCMM Models

  • Integral mounted dual regulator that controls pressure building and economizer function
  • Eliminates copper piping and fittings
  • Easy to dial knob

MCR Models

  • Combination pressure control regulator
  • Calibrated micrometer adjusting screw